Wax separation

  • Direct melt DS105 (uplift principle)

    The shimmering wax is continually melted off and the heavy honey flows off evenly downwards.
    To separate the honey and wax mixture
    Compact build, completely insulated
    Everything made of stainless steel, easy to clean
    Build for residue-free emptying
    Connection 400V 7.5 KW CEE 16A

    Honeyspinn 1000 / 1400
    Centrifuge that ejects honey via a screen face
    built in 4 or 6 sections (Honeyspinn 1400)
    Direct drive 1,5 Kw  

    Direct drive 1000 Kw
    Centrifuge without screen
    For continuous separation of a honey/wax mixture
    With separate blade to cut off the wax shares
    1 drive for the drum 2,2 KW
    1 drive for the blade 0,89 KW
  • 230V AC 50Hz


Direct melt DS105
Direct melt DS105

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