Tumbling lanes

  • All tumbling lanes are built modularly. Four different sizes that are used according to the operational work processes and the respective space situation are offered serially. 

    The build size describes the inner basket size of the tumbler.

    For example: S625 = 4 sections times 625 =  2500 mm divided by approx. 29 mm side beam =  88 frames

    Each tumbling system has the following elements:
    Lid removal machine WT2
    Chain conveyor
    Pneumatic infeed
    Horizontal tumbler with floor heating 4 sections
    Honey sump with floor heating
    Electrical control of all components
    Roller lane for empty frames  

    Optionally available:
    Direct melt DS105
    Impeller pump WT1
    Level control for pump
    Pressure screen DF27
Tumbling lane S625
Tumbling lane S625

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